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Helping Somebody is Fun:Neha Gurung


Helping Somebody is Fun:Neha Gurung

Yesterday the day was holiday
me and my friends have plan to play,
But my mom asked for help
to went hospital with grandfather
We take bus.
We have better rush
When we reach the hospital it was open
Then the work was done.
We saw a women qandaring here and there
She asked me room 293 is where
Then we left her on room no. there
She gave me blessing and some toffy 🍬🍬
We went to have some coffee☕☕
Then I know we should be always kind
To refresh our mind.
Bright like sun
Helping somebody was really fun. 😀😀
Neha Gurung
Class: 8 B
Junior Citizens’ Academy (J C A)

Pokhara Lekhnath 26, Kaski

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