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Dream or Reality : Reeti K.C.


Dream or Reality : Reeti K.C.

It was a dark, rainy night. The wind was howling and the raindrops were like blocks of ice. There was an old orphanage whose windows were broken, causing the water to enter the orphanage. A little boy was sleeping on the floor, in a small room. Actually, a lot of boys were sleeping in that room but he was the smallest among them. He always believed his dreams. That day when he was sleeping, he had a strange dream that filled his little brain with many unanswered question.

In his dream, he saw an old cupboard. He slowly proceeded towards it. He gently pushed the door; he saw a bright light coming from the cupboard. He went inside the cupboard. He walked up to the light but every time he tried to get to the light, it went farther and farther. All of a sudden, a very bright light made him close his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he saw a boy resembling himself. He was taken aback by surprise.

However, the boy resembling himself looked even younger. He saw two more people on his left and right. As far as he remembered, they were his parents. He called them but they did not listen to him. They were just talking to themselves. He saw his mother crying, but his father was trying to control her though with wet eyes. He tried to cry his lungs out to them. He was stunned to see that his parents had left him and gone away

After a moment, he saw someone coming and taking him away, and then he realized that he was gone. He did not even know where. From nowhere, a swift light came that looked like a lightening. He suddenly woke up in a scream. All his friends came and gathered around him to see what had happened. He was sweating. He avoided all his friends’ questions. At the moment he just wanted to clarify all the questions that were in his mind. “Why were my parents crying? Why did they leave me all alone? Who was the one to pick me up?” Whether that incident had really taken place or was it just a dream, he could not decide. Those questions kept lingering in his little head. It’s really hard to say what it was: Was it a dream or reality?

By: Reeti K.C.
School: GEMS