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  • We’re Friends Forever! : Pragati Nakarmi

    There are friends who last forever.
    There are friends who last for some days.
    But we are “friends forever”.
    We cry together, we play together.
    We fight with each other.
    I think that’s why we’re “friends forever”.
    I remember the day when I first met you.
    You were dressed black and blue.
    Till that day we didn’t talk ever.
    But I knew we were going to be “friends forever”.
    The day when we first met,
    we only were friends.
    But on a special day,
    We became “friends forever”.
    The day when I don’t see you
    is the worst day of my life.
    But I see you in my dream,
    you’re there for me and I for you.

    Pragati Nakarmi

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