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You Can Win: Reviewed by Nalima Shrestha


You Can Win: Reviewed by Nalima Shrestha

The book ‘You Can Win (1998)’ written by Shiv Khera is a self help book meant for people who are looking for practical tips to change their life. This book inspires and encourages people to bring about changes in their lives and do something good to themselves and others. This book gives some practical ideas to steer one’s life towards the highway of success. This book attempts to give us insight that “winners don’t do different things but they do things differently.”

It is a guide that helps us know the things or qualities we require in right amount and the principles we need to follow to become successful in our life. It also helps us recognize and realize our true potentials and capabilities.

I got to acquire practical knowledge and tips after reading this book. It teaches people how to become successful in their lives. This book gave me the insight that “success is not everything but the only thing”. So, in order to achieve success we need to have different qualities within ourselves and should come across different things in our life. The English proverb, “everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody is ready to die” is very relevant here. But in order to gain success, we need to struggle in our lives and come across different obstacles. It is true that we have to pain to gain something. We all have to know that nobody is good at everything but everybody is good at something. So, we first have to find what are we good at. Then, we should attempt to excel the skill we have. First of all, we need to have self-confidence, self-esteem, positive attitude about everything, faith in ourselves and in the god.

Then, we need to have commitments, and finally we have to work on our goals that we want to achieve. We should remember the quality inside us makes us go up and what really counts is our positive attitude, character, integrity and good values. Everyone has his or her own views on many things. Some view success as fate and some as an accident that comes to only selective people. However, this book helps clarify all the doubts on the concept of success. The author himself defines it as a choice as it is the result of your attitude. Hard work, commitments, discipline, selflessness and the ultimate and true desire are the ingredients of success. We should remember that a person should not only take from others but also should give them more than what is taken.  A person willing to be successful should be motivated internally and should be in the circle of inspiring people. If we are willing to be a successful person, we should always have positive attitude and try to make our positive image. Similarly, we should be punctual and carry out all the responsibilities given to us responsibly. We should be able to maintain trust among people with good mind and good habits.

If we desperately want to become successful in our life, we first need to set our target and put effort honestly to achieve it. We need to have desire, determination and discipline to achieve it. Of course, we have to move ahead to meet our target but we should also remember to turn and look what is happening around us. We should never lose our focus and keep going. Similarly, we should fix our time bound and stop procrastinating. This can lead us to become a successful person in our lives.

No people in the world have been successful in their lives without failing. Failure comes on the way to success but we should never give up our hopes and try next to achieve our goals. Failure doesn’t only mean to lose but it is a symptom of the upcoming success and a right time to make resolution for another achievement. It’s a fact that everybody cannot be winners in a race though everybody wants to be. So, if we cannot stand atop in the race, we are not disqualified. Failing sometimes in our attempts does not mean we are losers because we do not have to lose anything. Moreover, we get new ideas and experiences. It is better to fail by trying rather than folding the hands fearing of failures. Those who never try, never learn anything. So, put your effort honestly to meet your target. When you do this, at least you have chances to achieve success.

It is one of the bestselling books that motivates and inspires people to do good things and acquire qualities required to achieve success. Moreover, it leads people to move head in the right path and guides them in every struggle and obstacle of their lives in the course of achieving success. I think this is the book that people should at least read once and change their life, knowing the true meaning of their lives and move ahead working hard effectively and efficiently to achieve their goal and success in their lives. It helps us know our true potentials and alter the things or any other habits that create obstacle on the way to achieve success and can help us make our lives worth living.

Nalima Shrestha

Grade- X

GEMS, Lalitpur